Some people find the thought of talking to a complete stranger a very daunting prospect.  For those who are new to it, sitting face-to-face with a Counsellor can feel a bit like having an interview.  Who needs that added stress or increased anxiety when you are already struggling with life?

‘Walk & Talk’ is a service that offers a much more relaxed approach to counselling, where the client (or clients) can engage in conversation whilst they are walking.  It isn’t about the exercise, so the pace can be as slow as you want it to be - and there is always an opportunity to rest on a bench or sit on the beach!  This therapeutic change in setting can reduce the pressure of being in a more confined situation, and being side by side - rather than face-to-face - somehow makes talking much easier.

Obviously this service is weather dependent!  But there are very few times when it isn’t possible to get out and be in our wonderful seaside environment.

If you would like to find out any more information, please contact me.

Sometimes you just need to talk about something - not to get sympathy or help, but just to kill its power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air.
— Karen Salmansohn
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