One to One Consultations
£50 per 50 minutes
Walk & Talk
£50 per 50 minutes
Family/Couples Consultations
£60 per 50 minutes
Skype Consultations
£40 per 50 minutes
Telephone Consultations
£40 per 50 minutes
Business Mentoring
£50 per 50 minutes
Student/Reduced Rate
£45 per 50 minutes

Face-to-face consultations can be conducted at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre, Eastbourne or at the Well Being Centre, Stone Cross. The location of Walk & Talk consultations are by arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (without obligation) if you have any queries about the counselling services that I offer, or if you would like to make an appointment. 

Please note that any sessions cancelled within a 24 hour period are chargeable at the full rate.


All contact is in the strictest confidence.

TELEPHONE: 07976 399 998

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A wise old owl sat on an oak; the more he saw the less he spoke; the less he spoke the more he heard; why aren’t we like that wise old bird?
— Unknown